BFEE-33 Defecating and urinating girls in public toilet (2018 | 227 MB | FullHD)

Girls defecating and urinating in public toilet without toilet paper, when they find out it’s too late and have to wipe the ass with different items. Funny video from the public toilet.
BFEE-36 Funny video defecation girls in toilet no paper (2018 | 503 MB | FullHD)

After defecating pile of shit, the girls found that there was no toilet paper. Than to wipe an ass, they think for a long time, but they have to be wiped off by different subjects.
EE-134 Company women’s pee and poo behind one day in public toilet (2018 | 5.89 GB | FullHD)

We set up a camera in an in-house toilet in a certain office, and took a videotape of women’s excretion circumstances with a whole day uncut with multiple cameras. Despite the morning budget, some women run into the toilet and got dirty diarrhea with the toilet bowls, others got out with a stupid face during work and twisted a thick deep daughter, so women who took a long time in the toilet There. In addition, the women’s free pee who was able to come to the toilet after a long absence from work, the amount and momentum are terrible. While relaxing in the space of ourselves as women’s toilets, do not forget to see the employees who are waiting for the return in the office to forget the fact that the face is forced to excrete.