[Special #637] Get your dinner from poo and pee after it’s gone through me (2018 | 1.69 GB | UltraHD/4K)

I have to build you up to the healthy food I eat by giving it to you in a form feces and urine that more closely resembles what you already eat–you know, ease you in. Enjoy a hearty glass of steaming piss to wash it down with!
[Special #463] Shitting on pasta and play food scat fetish (2018 | 763 MB | FullHD)

In this video, I’m gonna shit a bunch of REALLY great, tasty and fragrant shit! Will fill my mouth, and play with a big plate of food! My recipe spaghetti, main sauce is my fresh shit. Want to try the taste. don’t be shy, I made this especially for you. I Hope you don’t mind that I played with my shit, before serving? Then quickly upload the video and sit down to watch.