VRXS-235 排泄物と一緒にキス Kissing with Feces (2023 | 860 MB | FullHD)

変態淑女・松沢ゆかりがレズクソ接吻を放つ! NG女優・後藤結愛が超ハードスカトロに挑戦! お互いの尿を大量に飲み干した後、松沢はおならとともに軟便を大量に放出する。 さらにアナルから便を掻き出すと直腸が刺激され極太ウンコが絞り出される。 「苦い!」と言いながら唾液と便で舐める! 後藤が10日間溜めた熟成糞を出し相互糞フェラ! 究極の愛の形…これはクソみたいなキスだ!
ODV-552 面白い手コキプリンセス Funny Handjob Princess (2023 | 4.19 GB | FullHD)

This young lady, who enjoys “soft anal masturbation” in her private life, gave us her first experience of a stinky and dirty “urinary hand job.”
Unfortunately, on this day, my stomach was swaying… However, due to her skillful handjob technique, my dick was completely hard.
I apply a lot of smelly feces instead of lotion and scrunch it…I can’t help it, my expanded corpora cavernosa screams and ejaculates vigorously!
KBMS-152 Strong Smell Excretion System Selfie Girl Mio Horiguchi (2023 | 3.25 GB | FullHD)

Adhesion poop, pee, and farts taken by a girl's selfie. She voluntarily releases one feces with her buttocks facing the camera. Pissing pleasantly, farting with a strong smell at close range, and all excretion scenes are taken intensely.
ACZD-109 アナル浣腸クリニック Anal Enema Clinic (2023 | 5.08 GB | FullHD)

Yuzu, a patient who visited the clinic without the urge to defecate for a week. After an enema and excretion, the director inserts a finger into her anus. The liquid medicine is put in and out of the intestine, but the liquid medicine does not get dirty easily, so it seems that there is a high possibility that the stool is hardened in the back.