[Special #508] Anna Coprofield speculum filled pussy shit after menstruation (2018 | 2.16 GB | FullHD)

When you have the last day of menstruation insert a tampon for the whole night. Lie on your back and put on only one rubber glove on the right hand and get a tampon from the pussy.
Show it close to the camera and say “Eww”,play with pussy with fingers in a dirty glove.Take the speculum and insert into the pussy..show what’s inside close to the camera. Baby i wanna see not only the cervix, but everything inside too.
I hope inside of you will be dirty.
Take out the speculum from the pussy, put it in the ass. To shit without taking out speculum. Slowly get the speculum out of the ass and show how much shit is inside. Show me how your ass is expanded.Squeeze out the remains of shit.
Insert a dirty speculum in the pussy,push shit with your fingers. Play with a vibrator through speculum a little.
Take out the speculum,stuff your pussy with shit and insert a dirty tampon.Push out shit from pussy but wipe your pussy before.Fillers again and push out the shit with tampon.Take a clean speculum and insert it into the pussy. Show the cervix in shit long time. Then put the speculum in the ass and show what’s inside your dirty ass.Again put the speculum into a pussy and show me the cervix again for a long time.In the end I want to cum on your anal rosebud…
[Special #510] Anna Coprofield filled pussy shit during menstrual period (2018 | 2.07 GB | FullHD)

I want to see your bloody tampon but on the first day of your period necessarily. Squeeze the blood out of tampon then I want you to take the speculum. First insert the speculum in pussy and show me what’s inside then show me the anus through the speculum. Fill your pussy by shit. You can smear shit on the boobs at the end.
[Special #524] Anna Coprofield closeup defecation and menstruation (2018 | 572 MB | FullHD)

I was going to shoot a new custom request in the evening, but in the morning that something went wrong.
Waking up, I felt I really want to shit and I did not have time to run to the shower, so the first thing I did was turn on the camera. I open wide my ass and pushed a lot of crap close to the cam, at this moment,urine accidentally hit the camera and my menstruation started earlier than expected. Video is short but I like the view of anal gape, shit and blood, hope you too.