[Special #479] Girl in mask shitting and cook muffins from feces (2018 | 577 MB | FullHD)

I've got something special in mind for you today, something new. I shit a BIG load in a bowl, like seriously, a POUND of shit just bursts right out of my hole, and I make you clean it up for me.. can't be dirty before going into the kitchen now, can I?
I reveal that I'm making Banana Nut Muffins. but with a shitty twist-so they'll be Banana BUTT Muffins, and since I've got SO much shit to work with, I'll be making an epic batch with dozens of muffins!
I walk you through the whole process and give you little teases along the way, until I bring out two trays of hot muffins right out of the oven Butt appetit!