ACZD-079 Secret SM Video of a Certain University Professor (2022 | 1.31 GB | HD)

SL-559 爆発下痢オフィスレディー Explosive Diarrhea Office Ladies (2022 | 6.61 GB | FullHD)

This covert footage captures the whole story of the tragic end of the OLs who got angry while on duty. While doing business as usual, I felt a gradual pain in my abdomen. Although she endures it for a while in the hope that it will subside soon, gas accumulates with the pain and the abdomen and anus are violently pressed. It’s dangerous… let’s go! Although she rushes to the toilet in a hurry, she cannot reach the toilet bowl and throws a large amount of diarrhea. The floor was covered in feces, and the walls were dripping with diarrhea and intestinal juices. A picture of hell of shame that there are people nearby. I hid my voice so as not to hear the embarrassing sound of excretion any more, and tried to make as noise as possible, but boooooo. I can’t stop farting! There are also those who discharge residual feces along with farts. Please enjoy!
DNJR-089 Big Ass Dirty Fart Torture デカ尻淫語おなら調教 (2022 | 1.71 GB | HD)

EE-648 Poop in the Toilet From Your Favorite Angle (2022 | 3.75 GB | FullHD)

和式トイレ隠し撮りや女子校生は好きですか? この作品は女子校生のうんこ排泄、各種制服、リボン、ローファー、スニーカーが満載です。 可愛い女の子達のグロイ排泄の一番恥ずかしい瞬間を超高画質&色んなアングルでお届けします。 まるでトイレのタンクの中にいるような感覚で、おしりの上から眺めたり、手で触れられるほどの距離なのでお好きな角度から体験できます。
SL-514 楽しんで、お風呂で裸で放尿 Having Fun and Pissing Naked in the Bath (2022 | 4.54 GB | FullHD)

I took a peek at the movements of female students at a training camp away from normal school life. Female students who lack common sense due to a sense of openness and even play practical jokes. The tension rises between the girls in each room, the heat rises and the tension reaches a climax. The rough waves of tension didn’t stop, and when one student who held the urge to urinate from the milking in the bathroom gave himself up to a prank and urinated on the spot, I too! And she continues to urinate later. Those who urinate while being carried up, those who compete for the amount of urine, and those who urinate in the bathtub.
FF-589 パンティから糞漏れ Feces Leak From Panties (2022 | 4.43 GB | FullHD)

遅刻寸前の登校途中の女子生徒は、遅刻しそうな時だけお腹が痛くなります。 迫りくる猛烈な排便衝動と戦いながらとにかくダッシュ。 教室に行く暇もない女の子がトイレに駆け込み、友達や先生に止められる女の子。 しかし、彼女は間に合わず、悪臭を放つ糞を使い果たしました。 女子校生たちの排便に苦しむ顔、糞まみれのパンティ、切ない表情をお楽しみください。
FF-591 浣腸我慢クイズ大会の女たち Women in Enema Endurance Quiz Tournament (2022 | 4.99 GB | FullHD)

1. Answer the quiz while enduring the urge to defecate by inserting an enema into the buttocks hole.
2. If you answer 5 to 10 questions first, you can go to the toilet.
3. An enema is added every time you make a mistake in a quiz question.
Don’t miss the hot underground battle!
EE-657 公衆トイレで立って放尿する女の子 Girls Pissing Standing up in a Public Toilet (2022 | 2.77 GB | FullHD)

放課後の女子高生や仕事終わりのサラリーマンなど様々な女性が公衆トイレに乱入! 排尿限界間近、膀胱をギュッと締めてトイレへ! そんな時だけオーバーオールやタイツは脱ぎにくく、タイトなズボンの紐が邪魔になります。 脱ぎが間に合わないとパンティをずらしてオシッコをしようとするが、ギリギリで尿栓が開き大小便が溢れ出す。 ズボン、ズボン、スカートに飛び散って便器に飛び散るおしっこ。 終了後の少女たちのがっかり、扉が開いて次の人に見られるシーンなどをお楽しみください。
PGFD-088 オフィスレディーの車内嘔吐 Office Ladies in Car Vomit (2022 | 5.15 GB | FullHD)

いつものように車に乗って通勤するOLや、会社帰りのOLたち。 しかし、彼らは目的地に到達することはありません。 ドライバーの乱暴な運転に対する笑顔は次第に薄れ、彼女は次第に気分が悪くなり始めました。 普段のイメージを守るため頑固な振る舞いをするが、胸の奥から湧き上がる衝動を抑えきれず、上司や部下の前で思わずうめき声を上げる。 なんとか目的地にたどり着いたOL達は、意気消沈する間もなくトイレに駆け込み、抑えていた吐き気を吐き出した。 車酔いの不快感に苦しみながら、会社のトイレで何度も下品な嘔吐をしながら、お腹から醜い吐き気を催した。
ODV-505 コスプレお嬢様のシモの世話 Taking Care of Simo, a Cosplay Girl (2022 | 2.90 GB | FullHD)

EE-653 教師が隠しカメラでおしっこをしているのを見つけた Teachers Caught Peeing on Hidden Camera (2022 | 2.68 GB | FullHD)

A female teacher who holds a teaching job called a priesthood. Before they are educators, they are also women, and of course they go to the bathroom to pee. However, it is not always possible to go to the toilet immediately when you want to. Even if you want to go to the toilet during class or an interview, you have to hide it and endure it. No matter how much you don’t show it on your face, it’s all you can do to endure it in your head over time. When she finally goes to the bathroom, she shows a completely different expression than usual and hits a large urination that pierces the toilet bowl. Her obscene appearance, which is the exact opposite of a neat and clean female teacher, such as her turned-up skirt and undressed underwear, was firmly recorded there. They don’t know that behind her neat appearance, she is also a sex object. I would like you to see the gap between the female teachers you admire.
EE-572 Public Toilet, Pathetic Panties all in Shit (2022 | 3.60 GB | FullHD)

Several cameras installed in public toilets that you normally use. The images projected there were a lot of blunder happenings beyond imagination. Perhaps she had a lot of abdominal pain, the woman who came into the bathroom while holding her hips put down her bag and at the same time shouted “Ah” and dyed her underwear vigorously in brown. Her expression is just despair… Even while she is discouraged, diarrheal stools leak out endlessly. She took down her panties and found filth scattered around the toilet bowl. She doesn’t know where to wipe her crotch and thighs. She seems to clean her dirty toilet bowl while distorting her face. Anyway, the miserable and dirty girls disappeared into the city with suspicious behavior.